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Cost calculator of cargo delivery in Russia

The global transport and information resource presents you an easy-to-use service to find the most favorable delivery offers of various cargoes. When in doubt choosing one or another variant, use this calculator for calculating the cargo delivery by the transportation company. It will help you make the right decision quickly and carefully. provides information not only on the delivery by motor transport, but by other modes of transportation as well (air, railway, etc.). On our website, you can also calculate the cost of railway cargo transportation in Russia, if this method suits you best.

We are proud to have built up an extensive database of reliable transportation companies which gives you the opportunity to choose from hundreds of competitive offers.

How to use the cost calculator for cargo transportation by motor transport (and other modes of transportation)?

Everything is very simple! To calculate the delivery of your cargo, please enter the following data into the form:

  • Cities of departure and destination
  • The volume and weight of the cargo

How to calculate the volume of the cargo?

To enter the cargo volume into the calculator, you have to calculate it first. Let's take one box as a starting point, since it is the most common packaging used for transportation of different goods. In order to measure the volume of the box, you must find out its parameters: width, length and height, in meters. For example, the box is 10 cm long, so in meters this parameter is equal to 0.1.

You can find the perfect price option by changing the desired vehicles and delivery times. In this case you do not have to spend a lot of time structuring and analyzing the information in order to calculate the cost of delivery by different transportation companies: the information will be provided in a readable form within seconds.

What is the declared value of your cargo?

The declared value represents the cost of the transported goods which is specified by you. Since transportation companies are responsible for the goods they deliver, you must specify the declared value of your cargo in the order form, so that in case of damage or loss you would be able to receive full indemnity. However, in order to see the suitable offers and choose the best one, you do not have to specify this parameter in the calculator.

If you are not sure about the exact cost of the goods, you can enter an approximate amount that will be sufficient to compensate you for the losses. Be careful: the declared value has a direct impact on the final cost of services for the cargo transportation. The larger it is, the higher is the tariff.

What information will the calculator provide?

A few seconds after you have entered all the data, the calculator will show a list of companies that can offer the carriage of your cargo. You can see the following information about each TC in the list:

  • Name of the company, by clicking on which you can go to the official website of the carrier. If you are satisfied with the terms of this TC, you can immediately apply for a carriage
  • Available transport which is suitable for transportation of your goods
  • Cost of delivery by the transportation company
  • Estimated time of your cargo delivery

By comparing the data from different companies, you can choose the most convenient option for you in terms of price and delivery time. After that, you will be redirected to the site of the company you liked, where you can place an order or consult the experts on any issues you may have.