How to choose a transportation company for cargo carriage

There are thousands of transportation companies operating in the Russian market, so it may be quite difficult for businesspeople to understand which of them will be a reliable partner, perfectly meeting all their requirements. Carriers are distinguished by various parameters, each of which is of fundamental importance. Let us consider them separately.

Truck fleet and its capabilities

Depending on the volume of the cargo that you want to transport, you need a certain kind of vehicle. A couple of pieces of furniture can be transported in a GAZelle while a wholesale batch of baby food will require the availability of a large. When selecting a transportation company, be sure to take this factor into account.

Cargo insurance

It is very convenient when a customer is able to immediately insure their goods when placing the order. This service allows to compensate you for losses in the event of an accident or damage to the goods during transportation, but not all carriers effect insurance - so be careful when you make a decision.

Cargo tracking

Businesspeople who worry about the safety of their cargo en route will find such a service as online cargo tracking to be very useful. You will be able to see where exactly your cargo is, and if everything is okay with it, at any time you want.

Work experience

No doubt that large reputable companies which have been engaged in cargo transportation for several years, operate more smoothly and efficiently than novice TC that have not perfected their working processes yet. However, the cost of their services is often higher than the market average. When deciding which transportation company to choose, pay attention to customer reviews - they reflect the company's real reputation.

Open dialogue with the customer

How to choose the right transportation company for your cargo carriage? The first step is a telephone conversation with the company's manager, which will give you the first impression of the carrier. The competence and openness of the specialist talking to you says a lot about the reliability of the selected partner, whereas any attempts to avoid direct answers or hide gaps in their knowledge will immediately raise doubts about the company's good faith. Do not hesitate to ask about anything you would like to know in order to get detailed information not only about the services, but also about the company which you are going to entrust your cargo to.